Rwanda -17 Healing a Nation is an African success story about the inspirational journey of the Rwandan Under 17 football (soccer) team.


Rwanda-17 is a compelling African success story, told through the inspirational journey of its youngest rising stars: the Rwandan Under 17 football team. Born just after the 1994 genocide, they overcame enormous odds to qualify for the 2011 Under-17 World Cup in Mexico. The first Rwandans to reach this level of world-class football, these young players – more than half of them orphaned by war – show how discipline, determination and uncompromising team spirit leads to the success that can inspire a nation. Their story represents Rwanda’s breathtaking evolution and hopes for a better future, with good leadership and unity at the heart of not only sporting success but also a nation’s efforts to achieve reconciliation and prosperity.

RWANDA-17 is presented by award winning reporter Sorious Samura who became well known for his filming of the brutal civil war in his home country, Sierra Leone. Having experienced the huge challenges a country faces in the wake of conflict, Sorious finds out how the Rwandans succeeded in restoring peace and rebuilding their country.

Director’s Bio:

Director Claudio von Planta and Sorious have previously collaborated on a number of projects, documenting Darfur’s refugees, the AIDS crisis in Zambia and Africa’s blood diamonds. Claudio’s recent film “The Spell of the Albino”, which uncovers the disturbing practice of witchcraft in Tanzania, has won the 2012 One World Media Award for Children’s Rights. In his work he seeks to highlight injustice and ignorance, but also give credit to positive developments. Set in the context of Rwanda’s well documented horrors, RWANDA-17 is a success story that deserves a chance to be told.

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