Friends of Africa International Advisory Board Member

Don Young, Conservationist, Chairman of Newland, Tarlton & Co, and Don Young Safaris

Donald Young, Chairman of Newland, Tarlton & Co., and a professional safari guide with over 25 years experience, is an unusual combination of outdoorsman and scholar, artist and adventurer. As a naturalist and conservationist, Don has traveled widely in Africa and Asia, to promote education and conservation for endangered species. As a scholar, Mr. Young is regarded as one of the world’s authorities on African explorers and has published several academic works including “The Search for the Source of the Nile” published by the Roxburghe Club. He is a trained forensic osteologist in the field of paleo-anthropology and is the discoverer (along with the safari group he was guiding at the time!) of an important human pre-historic site in northern Kenya. As an artist and designer, Mr. Young designed the tents and furnishings for his safari camps, and has also created a furniture collection based on vintage safari and campaign furniture. Mr. Young was Executive Producer for the documentary: “Secret Ceremonies of the Pokot,” and is currently teamed with Oberon Entertainment to produce the film version of the controversial Broadway play “Frozen.” As an author, Mr. Young is represented by the prestigious Inkwell Literary Agency and is currently writing his first novel: “The Spy, the Lover & the Devil’s Brother,” based on the story of Capt. Sir Richard Burton and his life in India at the time he ‘discovered’ the “Kama Sutra.” Mr. Young’s safaris, public lectures, and his famous fireside stories, have touched the lives of thousands of people. Having devoted his life to teaching about the natural world, Mr. Young hopes that by sharing his knowledge and passion, he can help save wildlife and wilderness for the next generation. Holding fast to the belief that the next generation holds the key for the survival of wildlife, Mr. Young is currently working with the Hansa Toy Co. designing ‘plush toys’ of endangered species for young children, and hopes this toy line will foster love and awareness for wild animals. In addition to serving on the International Advisory Board, Mr. Young is currently involved in the Kuba Kingdom Project and serves as Associate Editor of Friends of Africa Magazine.

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