In 2010, Friends of Africa International identified a humanitarian crisis near Ng’aina located in the Western Pokot Region of Kenya, which is primarily occupied by people belonging to the Pokot Tribe.  The area is so remote that medical clinics simply do not exist within a 100-mile radius. When a child is sick, its mother must carry her child for nearly two days in scorching heat in order to reach a doctor.  Many children don’t survive the arduous journey. The only nearby water sources available to the Ng’aina Pokot community is a local river and one public well located several hours away by foot. Water sourced from the nearby river is contaminated with parasites and bacteria.  Today, the area faces another emerging crisis with the nearby outbreaks of the deadly ebola virus.

At the request of Pokot tribal leaders, Friends of Africa International pledged to raise funds to establish basic essentials to empower Pokot people in the Ng’aina area to become self-reliant, and thereby increase their chances of survival.  These essentials include the region’s first school, medical clinic, personnel residences, an airstrip for medical evacuations, school dormitories and infrastructure such as water and renewable power such as solar.

Friends of Africa International is proud to announce that region’s very first school was completed and opened in March of 2012, and it is now being attended by 150 children, the first generation of Pokot children ever to attend school.Now that school is in session, our homework assignment is to keep them healthy.  Phase II of The Pokot Project is to build the only medical clinic to serve the Ng’aina area Pokot populations.

For Pokot families living near Ng’aina, getting medical attention requires a day-long journey to facilities that are hardly adequate to attend to the number of patients that depend upon them.  The following video, filmed by NTV-Kenya, aptly describes conditions at the nearest medical clinic.

Friends of Africa International is also raising funds for essential infrastucture such as an air field, renewable power and clean water sources.

We can’t do this alone.  We need your help.

We are currently raising funds for the medical clinic, water wells, power supply and an airstrip to transport medical supplies and evacuations.  The budget is massive, $600,000.  To help raise the funds needed, Friends of Africa International has partnered with Project C.U.R.E., Threads of Connection, BEAM Media to raise awareness, and we will be hosting a Gala Benefit, the Out of Africa Wine + Dine Event on October, 2013 at the Scottsdale Air Center Alpha Hangar.

Please save the date!

Please contact us to learn more about how you can help us eradicate preventable and/or curable disease in the Western Pokot region.  We are grateful for your support!

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