Three years ago exactly –

I came to Ng’aina for the first time with Blue and Chief Yatta.  It was a place that people warned me against.  Everyone said it was too dangerous – and why would I want to make a film in Ng’aina?  But I didn’t listen.  I wanted to meet the fiercest of all Pokot – those who live along the borders and survive by their cattle, strength and wits alone in a wilderness without roads, schools or hospitals.   I came to make a film about the people of Ng’aina and their way of life.  I had already made two films on the Pokot, and this was the one that I was most excited about.

When my sound man Mike and I arrived with our camp man John – we were met by some pretty dangerous looking men.  All of them held guns, and they watched us carefully.  Over the first few days – as we made our camp, and got to know people, we started to meet the men we were going to work with – Mzee Tukon, Akosowian, Tuliangura, Lomunyo, Kaluca, Lomunyon, and of course Kabir!   It didn’t take long for us all to become friends, and the jokes and laughter began… But one of the first things I remember hearing was the word “School”.  It came up in every conversation, in every song, and at every meeting.  Pretty soon, it was chanted, “School, school, school” and mothers would gather to ask me – please – please – please just bring us a school so our children can have another choice in life – a future without cattle rustling.     They said to me,

“We know why you have come here to Ng’aina where no Mazungu ever comes.  We know you are going to bring a school.”  So – I promised and I took their dream and made it my own.  It seems like yesterday…

Three years have passed, and today close to where Mzee Tukon had his homestead, stands our school.  Ng’aina’s first school.

The promise was kept – and today the children of Ng’aina will learn to read, instead of using guns.

This day has arrived because of many people, and lots of hard work.   Thank you Sammy and your team!   But the person we need to thank the most is Bonnie Bishop.  Without her this would not have happened. . .  She took our dream, and she made it her life cause, and because of her passion and dedication it has come true.

So KARAM Bonnie!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Friends of Africa International would like to thank our Arizona patrons and everyone on the Scottsdale Branch Board of Directors for their tireless efforts to help the Pokot’s first school become a reality!!!

Asante Sana!!

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