The Sweetwaters Sanctuary is located in a game reserve near Nanyuki, Kenya. A number of chimpanzee orphans that have been rescued from other countries are kept at Sweetwaters, as chimpanzees are not native to Kenya. Their plight is the largely the result of habitat destruction, the bushmeat trade, and the killing of mothers so that their infants can be sold as pets, or for medical research and entertainment industries. Also some die from infections from wounds caused by snares set for other forest animals.

Sweetwaters is home to 22 chimps, and is in need of additional chimp housing and additional fencing. The Sweetwaters facility is managed by Director Annie Olivecrona. Friends of Africa International members visited Sweetwaters Sanctuary in June 2001 and were given a tour of the facility by Ms. Olivecrona, and then made a contribution to the work being done there.

To date, Friends of Africa continues its support of various Dr. Jane Goodall Chimpanzee programs.

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