Jambo! Welcome to the First Issue of Friends of Africa Magazine, the flagship publication of Friends of Africa International.

About Friends of Africa Magazine:

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Anyone who travels to Africa returns “once bitten,” and forever changed.  Perhaps there is something about the African earth that has a tendency to extract roots from the feet that meander across her fertile soil. Perhaps it is the ancestral memory that makes the “Cradle of Mankind,” feel like home. Perhaps her water contains a potion that leaves imbibers thirsty for more. For most, the spirit of Africa awakens the senses, consumes the soul, and beckons their return, over and over again. Friends of Africa Magazine brings the m agnificent continent of Africa to those who love her.  We aim to inspire conservation and preservation, satiate the most voracious appetite for all things Africa – visually, contextually and viscerally, and inform readers about how they can make a positive difference. But more importantly,  Friends of Africa Magazine was conceived to support Friends of Africa International, her objectives, projects and affiliates, and to facilitate communication with members, patrons and the public. Friends of Africa Magazine also endeavors to provide exposure for other groundbreaking projects, publicize important charitable causes and raise awareness about the critical issues facing the continent of Africa.

Friends of Africa Magazine is a national quarterly publication created to support Friends of Africa International. Content by world-class journalists and photographers showcases the magic of Africa and raises awareness about critical conservation, environmental and humanitarian issues facing the continent. Friends of Africa Magazine is published pro-bono by BEAM, llc., publishers of enlightened media for a sustainable world. After publishing expenses, 100% of advertising revenue directly supports FOAI programs, initiatives and affiliates.

Friends of Africa Magazine is operated by a host of volunteer Board members, editorial contributors and creative professionals.  We rely on the generosity of subscribers, contributors and sponsoring advertisers for support. Sponsoring an ad in Friends of Africa Magazine is a great way to gain notoriety for your organization, expose your business to a well-traveled, altruistic audience, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to social responsibility.

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