Friends of Africa International is now raising funds needed to build a much-needed medical clinic to serve the Pokot community of Ng’aina, Kenya.  This video exemplifies the dire need; the medical clinic featured is a day-long journey away from Ng’aina, and is one of the closest in the region.  As described by its nurse, the clinic is overcrowded, often serving its patients on the porch.

The Kenya government has donated 1,000,000 Kenya Shillings (just under $12,000 USD) toward the Pokot Medical Clinic.  We have a long way to go to reach our fundraising goal of $600,000. Friends of Africa has partnered with Project Cure to assist in raising funds needed for the medical clinic supplies and provisions, and we will be looking toward established NGOs such as African Medical and Research Foundation to hold vaccination clinics, midwife training and seminars that will help the clinic to be wholly sustainable self sufficient and managed by local Pokot trainees.

No donation is too great or too small.  We also seek in-kind donations such as medicines, supplies, vehicles, solar systems and clean water solutions.  Please pledge your support today!

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